Take Shape, take down!

After a lot of fundraising, a lot of organising, a lot of stress and a lot of fun - the show is over! 

Beaulieu Motor Museum

I recently went to the motor museum near my house in the New Forest to look at the Bond in Motion Exhibition but found my self more interested in the old oil can graphics and signage on the old vans!

Take Shape!

Putting up for in preparation for our degree show in Dray Walk gallery. 
Private view - 5th July! Come on down. 

New Blood

This week we were exhibiting at D&AD New Blood. Such a great opportunity.
Scary to see the amount of other graduates entering the industry at the same time as me. 74 graduates to one job apparently....brilliant :(

Cream tea at it's best

Visited Fortnum & Mason for a spot of cream tea! Brilliantly posh experience and I even managed to work out what cutlery to use!

Dip or Squeeze?

Not only does this new packaging eliminate mess but it also holds three times more ketchup! Can't decide if its genius or ridiculous?

yum yum

Yum Yum's latest film is that troublesome bottle of tomato ketchup that, no matter how much you shake it, just won't give up the goods...

We could probably all relate to this frustration! 


So happy to have won the RSA design awards for the mid-life brief. Looking forward to the internship at Dragon Rouge!


Best Easter present ever :) named salt and pepper.

A few images from the RCA show

RSA finished!

Finally managed to hand in our RSA entry on Friday after a seven hour round trip to essex! Fingers crossed.

Mulled Wine Packaging

Nice idea...



Found these amazing images whilst researching for a project. Would love to know how they were created.

Creative Review blog


A short brief to create our own responses to the recently released olympic posters for London 2012.


work pubished in Plog magazine and on their website...


Valentines Day


In an attempt to transfer my mums old slides onto UV sensitive material I enlarged the images onto tracing paper first. Although the material prints didn't turn out as I had expected, these tracing paper images give an interesting finish.

Pictures from New York

A few images from my trip to New York

Advent calendar in the post...

Being away at uni before christmas I managed to convince my mum to send me my advent calendar in the post. I received a chocolate every day, some arrived in a better condition than others!

Christmas Quiz Winners!

Our team won the Graphic Design christmas quiz hosted by Patrick Burgoyne from Creative Review. Here is us with our winnings...some yummy chocolate!